Gas springs

Eberhard sells a variety of counterbalances or gas springs to fit all types of applications. Eberhard’s Powerise Series is available with different stroke lengths of 2” to 10” and a wide range of forces from 20 lbs to 250 lbs. Eberhard offers ball studs, retaining clips, brackets, and support arms that can be used with the gas springs. Gas springs are great to use on door and lid applications; the gas spring can be used to help assist in opening the door/lid but also will keep it in the open position.

 Let Eberhard perform a gas spring layout for you to figure out which gas spring would work best in your application, see the form on the website under Contact Us/Sales & Customer Service. **********Please note that gas springs are shipped via UPS GROUND ONLY, NEXT DAY SHIPMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. **********Please note that gas springs are not covered under Eberhard’s standard warranty unless Eberhard performs a gas spring layout for your application. Please contact us for more information.